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The Great Gatsby arrived in fashion we are ready for you Flappers and Tippicanoe is at San Clemente Antiques.

"Tippicanoe "is here at San Clemente Antiques! We have everything for your flapper outfit including the very important long pearls.

Paint a funky touch with Miss. Mustard Seed's Milk paint.
Fill your miss mustard seeds painted touch with your baby’s plush toys. Add a cute fish beaded light to your milk painted touch to brighten the room.

Add some great neon signs to your industrial decor.
Hang some vintage signs to add charm to your industrial decor. Light up your terrariums made out of large vintage Sparklett's bottles, with some great industrial lamps.

Gray is the new white, paint a drop front desk or buffet with that fun gray.
Display a vanity tray filled with your collection of perfume, on your newly painted gray buffet. Add to your collection of pictures to the hutch top of your gray drop front desks.

Fill your hutch top dresser with your collection of Elvis or John Wayne.
Add to your pelvis collection in your new glass front curio. White up your Coca-Cola collection with a vintage lamp on your hutch top dresser.

Hanging fun birdcages from your beautiful arbor in your garden.
Light up birdcages in your garden with beautiful candle holders filled with scented candles. Set some great silverplate on a Bistro table beneath your arbor, to romanticize your garden.

Hang a shabby mirror and add a romantic lamp on your wonderful painted dresser.
Hanging some vintage hats around your shabby mirror, display jewelry on a vanity tray on your beautiful painted dresser.

Fill your "man cave "with a collection of beer mugs.
Had a collection of large liquor display bottles to your beer mug collection. Hang some fun signs in your "man cave ".

Father's Day is coming we have many items to add to your man's matchbook or golf collectibles.
Start a collection of shot glasses; along with his matchbook collection, what sports minded dad wouldn't want a signed boxing glove added to his collectibles?

This space is full of wonderful treasures such as fur coats, cardigan sweaters, birdcages and more.
Step out in elegance with a beautiful fur coat or a great fur trimmed cardigan. Cool weather is coming one cardigan sweater is never enough; two fur coats wouldn't hurt.

This space is a children's paradise; chalked full of desks, chalk boards, and owls galore.
Filling up your child's room is easy with desks, chalk boards, and cuddly owls. Hang some wonderful signs with owls and chalk boards above your child's new desk.

Fill your book shelf with your collections of seltzer bottles and vintage milk glass.
This space always has great collectible, such as rotary phones, milk glass and seltzer bottles. Add a new collection of jewelry boxes to your collection of milk glass and seltzer bottles.

Start a wonderful collection of mosaic and stain glass art.
Fill your walls with great sea life stain glass set in vintage window frames and make your patio shine with a mosaic table. Set a beautiful stain glass in a window; then set a pair of mosaic shoes in your curio cabinet.

Vintage is the word for this space, full of vintage hats, purses, jewelry and beautiful women's suits.
In space 53 you can find a beautiful women's suit, add a vintage hat and a beautiful scarf and you are ready for the day. For an evening out, leave vintage hat and scarf at home and add some great jewelry.

Fill your home Beach decor galore including mermaids and seahorses.
Put a mermaid lamp on a beautiful vintage buffet.
Fill your home with wonderful beach design pillow including seahorse and starfish.

Welcome to the Beach with Sea Glass, Shells, Coral and beach painted furniture.
Decorate your beach cottage with mermaid wine glasses, sea shells, unusual coral and L.E.D floral lights.  Bring the beach home with paintings full of the ocean and sea life to compliment your sea blue table.

Treasure hunt for your favorites such as Weiss to vintage beaded sweaters.
Add to your collection of carpet bags and wonderful Lucite jewelry. Start of collection of beautiful needlepoint purses. Revel in the beauty of Whiting and Davis or Enid Collins.

Shop for vintage fine jewelry, funk up yourself with sterling one-of-a-kind rings.
Make a statement with emeralds and diamond gold necklace, and estate diamond ring and spark all night. Fill your hands with rare citrine and cameo poison rings, and add to your treasures baroque pearls.

Entrance to San Clemente
Antiques & Decor

Vintage furniture and chandeliers make romantic vignettes. Cottage white blended with vintage creates your own personal touch.


Come share the experience at San Clemente Antiques and Decor.

26 space and case dealers each with their own unique style.  We are full of your "Things"!
Come shop our cozy mall and find beautiful depression glass , wonderful Sterling and Silver plate. Set a beautiful table with Royal Albert or Rosenthal China. 

Pin a vintage Weiss brooch on one of our beautiful furs.

Plan a party serving wine in beautiful Fenton wine glasses.

We feature cottage white and beautiful romantic decor along with our beautiful vintage furniture. Our jewelry is all through the store from beautiful vintage diamond, sapphire, emerald and ruby jewelry to custom one-of-a-kind pieces.

Come and Treasure Hunt with us!

Brand & Designer Names:

Big Wheels
Blue Willow
Cambridge Glass
Disney Toys
Fenton Glass
Fiesta Ware
Fire King
Heisey Glass
Mission Furniture
Parrish Prints
Precious Moments
Roger Brothers Silver
Royal Albert

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